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Stromer E-bike / Go Anywhere with Power

As E-bikes get nicer and nicer, people start to notice. Climb aboard this electric-assist bike and there are many things that will get your attention. Lots of power and stopping ability are high on the list. Easy to use controls fit right in. Add some good looks and the all-terrain capabilities, and you’ve got the Stromer E-bike.

Bob's silver Stromer Sport

Bob's silver Stromer Sport

Even though these are on the menu at NYCeWheels, I rode one here on the west coast. All the hype that has been going around made my expectations high. After the first block, I could see that no one was just blowing hot air about this bike. Very nicely done, this E-bike delivers the goods. I enjoyed my ride and wanted more.

Looking more like a mountain bike that a street cruiser, the Stromer eBike is at home in both venues. Outfitted with some dual-purpose tires, I am sure you could go with either extreme and be happy. The plush front suspension has a lock-out feature, and the saddle is speced to please. With some nice drive train parts, it shifted and rode well.

The control system is done nicely. Using a high-tech load sensor on the drop-out (similar to the Gepida), it has a very responsive pedelec feel. With three levels of sensitivity at your fingertips, you can tailor the power assist to match your riding style. And unlike the European E-bikes, a throttle is here to allow you to power-up when you’re not pedaling.

It uses a half throttle, which is my preference. The power is smooth, silent, and quite noticeable. The computer that controls it all works fast, adding to the great feel the Stromer has. It gives you the juice to climb steep hills with minimum effort on your part. I should know, as I climbed the steepest one in town with a smile. Coming back down was a breeze too. The disc brakes work well.

It comes in four men’s frame sizes and two for the low-framed bike. Three different colors can be had. The frame is quite beefy, and has a spot where the battery fits in to make for a sleek and sassy look. If the brushless hub motor wasn’t visible, many people would never suspect it’s an E-bike. During the ride, I got the feeling that I could tackle any obstacle and keep going.

Speaking of going, the range of this bike should be very far. The large 37 volt lithium battery, combined with an efficient control system, can work together for some long rides. I didn’t get the chance to test the range, but my experience with similar set-ups tells me it should be doable.

The specs say up to 45 miles. At the low pedelec setting and on near level ground, I think it would make it. Under normal conditions, expect 20-25, which is still a long way.
Yes, it’s true that the Stromers’ price is on the high side. Quality doesn’t come cheap. I would suspect that it will be the second E-bike for many of the people you see riding one. You know, a person who has enjoyed and loved their first one, but is ready for the next level. But if you want an aggressive and powerful bike, jump right in. I can’t see anyone being disappointed on this electric-motored bike.

If you are close to NYCeWheels, by all means stop by for a ride. You can feel the smooth, quality features for yourself. Even if you can’t try it first, you might already know that this is the E-bike for you. A Stromer bike could make a definite change in your transportation world. I am sure you have read and seen many things that are drawing towards a bike like this. Park the car, skip the bus, and feel the open air. E-bikes just put a smile on your face while you save money, and trim your body. They will also change your attitude, for the better.

Check out the Stromer electric by at NYCeWheels

E-bikes are the best, Turbo Bob

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