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The eZee Sprint Electric Bike

eZee Sprint Electric Bike Battery and Motor

eZee Sprint Electric Bike Battery and Motor

The eZee Sprint Electric Bike is one of the more versatile E-bikes on the market, powerful, efficient and also more affordable than most other models.  This blog will focus on what makes the eZee Sprint Electric Bike so unique.

1) The eZee Sprint uses a powerful motor

The eZee Sprint electric bike uses a 350 watt brush-less motor capable of putting out 750 Watts of power on command.  In the world of E-bikes, the wattage of a motor determines how much energy can be used at a given time, the higher the Wattage the more force can be exerted at any given time.  Because the eZee Sprint Electric bike uses a motor with such a high output, it is going to be able to take off faster and accelerate at a faster pace.

2) The eZee Sprint requires little maintenance

Because of it's superb design, the eZee Sprint is very low maintenance.  It uses a 7 speed internal hub to protect the gears from the elements, is fully weather proofed capable of riding on the rainiest days, and is powered by a lithium ion battery that should last for over 500 charge cycles.

3)  eZee Sprint comes fully loaded

eZee Sprint Electric Bike

eZee Sprint Electric Bike

The eZee Sprint comes with all the accessories you might need for a daily commute.  It has powerful lights, fenders for rainy weather, an advanced cycle computer, a mounted rear rack, and an extra cushy seat.  Straight out of the box you should be fully prepared to tackle your first commute, whether it be a quick joy ride, or a 10 mile commute to work through a thunder shower.

4) The eZee Sprint uses new 15Ah Lithium Batteries

One of the best features of the eZee sprint Electric Bike is that it is able to use 15AH lithium batteries which extend its overall range to 30 miles!  Where as wattage is a measure of how much energy is used, "Amp Hours (AH)"  is a measure of your total reservoir of energy.  A large reservoir of energy translates to a longer range.  So while most other E-bikes are using 10AH batteries capable of going around 20 miles, the eZee Sprint Electric Bikes are around 50% more efficient, traveling upwards of 30.

The eZee Sprint overall

eZee Sprint electric bike

eZee Sprint electric bike

The eZee Sprint Electric Bike is powerful, able to start on a dime, efficient with extra long lasting 15 Amp Hour Lithium Batteries, and cheaper than most other models on the market.  Anyone who looking for a good way to commute to work, a fun way to pick up your groceries, or a just a quick and easy way to get around, the eZee Sprint Electric Bike is worth checking out.