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Dahon Creates a Folding Electric Bike

Dahon Boost electric folding bike

The Dahon Boost is a compact electric folding bike

Dahon is one of the biggest and best folding bike manufacturers in the world. They've been consistently winning folding bike competitions for quality, popularity, and convenience for years. The lightweight bikes are easy to fold, and great for city commuters, since they fold down to a small profile and can be easily stored in a small apartment.

Over the last year, Dahon has been developing their first electric folding bike. One of their lightweight folders with an added boost of electric-assist power could be really convenient and fun for the daily commuter. Finally, after a year of planning, the Dahon Boost electric bike is available to buy.

The Dahon Boost is a Top Quality Electric Bike

Skeptical of an electric bike manufactured by a folding bike company, I was surprised at the ride of the Dahon Boost when I first stepped down on the pedals. It was ultra-responsive, and gave me a proportional motor assistance based on my own pedal power. I just set the power on a controller on the handlebars, and pedaled the bike. The motor was seamless, and I didn't feel a jolt or any skipping when I started and stopped pedaling. It felt just like a regular Dahon folding bike, with someone gently pushing me along.

The Dahon Boost uses a Lithium Battery

Every bike with electric motor power manufactured today is built with a good quality Lithium battery. This allows the bike to travel for roughly twenty miles on a single battery charge. The Dahon Boost, with its integrated pedal-assist, can travel up to 25 or 30 miles, depending on the mode. Its battery is also about half the weight of other electric bike batteries, weighing about 4 lbs! Needless to say, this is one lightweight electric folding bike, with a total weight of about 43 lbs. altogether.

The Dahon Boost has the same folded profile as other Dahon folding bikes, so space is not an issue. It's one of the only electric folding bikes on the market that is portable, lightweight, and also has great range. For city commuters, there is really no better choice for a great electric folding bike.