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Tough Electric Mountain Bikes

The OHM Electric Mountain Bikes are the best out there!

Two OHM Electric Mountain Bikes hit the trails

A big misconception about electric bikes is that they're all laid-back cruiser bikes, built to ride on boardwalks and nicely paved bike trails. A die-hard mountain bike enthusiast probably wouldn't consider an electric bike for a bumpy, dirt trail with lots of hills. However, there are electric mountain bikes that have fully-loaded frames and can take quite a beating on a rough trail. For an aging mountain bike rider that can't quite tackle those hills anymore, this is the perfect solution. Electric assistance can be applied when needed: on the last leg of the trail, near the top of a large hill, or throughout the ride, making it less strenuous and more enjoyable.

OHM Sport Electric Mountain Bike

One of the best electric mountain bikes on the market is made by OHM Cycles. The OHM Sport electric mountain bike is the best model in their line of electric bikes, and comes equipped with all of the bells and whistles for heavy-duty mountain bike rides. There are hydraulic disc brakes, full suspension, 27 speeds on a Shimano Deore shifter, knobby Kevlar tires, and a lightweight 48 lb frame. This is extremely light for an electric bike!

The OHM Sport uses a high-torque 350 watt motor to power up hills. It has four levels of motor assistance, as well as regenerative braking for hills. The electric system is one of the best out there, and with regenerative braking, the Lithium battery can last up to 30 or 40 miles on a single charge. As an electric mountain bike, the OHM Sport has some of the best mechanical and electrical components.

Electric Mountain Bike Conversion

Electric Mountain Bike with BionX

This Felt 68 Electric Mountain Bike is built with BionX

Many people can't bear to part with their mountain bike, especially if it's already souped up and tough. Luckily, you can convert a standard bicycle to an electric bicycle using an electric conversion kit. One of the best electric bicycle kits on the market is made by BionX. With different motor speeds, wheel sizes, and battery mounts, the BionX electric conversion kit is the most versatile motor kits for bicycles. It's also tough enough to ride mountain trails without any problems.

Similar to the OHM Sport, the BionX system has different levels of pedal-assistance as well as regenerative braking. It's one of the best electric bike kits on the market, and is adaptable to almost any bicycle. An electric mountain bike built with BionX is sure to be reliable for years of rough riding.