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Sanyo Eneloop Electric Bike: The Future?

Sanyo Eneloop electric bike

The Sanyo Eneloop is $300 off for the summer!

The Sanyo Eneloop electric bike blasted on to the scene in early 2010 as a new breed of electric bike. It's considered a hybrid electric bike, or one that uses an automatic pedelec motor system. This type of electric bike is generally more efficient than a throttle-powered bike, and the Sanyo Eneloop can travel for 20-30 miles on a single charge due to its Lithium battery.

Not only does the Eneloop sport a lightweight battery and a smooth electric motor wheel, but it also has a sweet looking frame. The easy step-through frame has a comfortable, upright riding position, and it comes with fenders and an aluminum rear rack.

Since the Sanyo Eneloop electric bike debuted, it has been one of the most popular electric bikes on the market. It's also practically maintenance free, with an internal 3-speed hub, a rack and fenders, and front and rear lights that are wired into the battery.

After six months, the popularity of the Sanyo Eneloop drove it's price down to $1999, which is $300 less than the original retail price. At this price, the Sanyo Eneloop is a better deal than most other electric bikes at the same price, especially with all of the accessories included. If this is still too expensive, Sanyo has developed another version of the Eneloop without a rack and lights, and includes a sportier hybrid frame. The price on this stripped-down model is only $1699, making it one of the lowest priced Lithium electric bikes out there!

As one of the leading manufacturers of long-lasting Lithium batteries in the world, Sanyo has surprisingly created one of the best electric bikes ever made. At this price, it's foolish to look at any other electric bike.

The Sanyo Eneloop electric bike is available for purchase at NYCeWheels in New York.