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The eZee bikes are in, he said without even asking who might be on the other end. Actually I have been on the phone with Bert an hour earlier when he told me this is the big day. It was around 2-3 in the afternoon and the shop on New York City’s Upper East Side was going to close at 7pm. Bert said he needs a couple hours to tune them up, I should be on the way by no later than 4pm since I could be hitting traffic coming in from Long Island at this time.

The brand new ezee bikes are made in Shanghai by Mr. Ching’s eZeebike Kinetic Technologies. The bikes have been around in the UK for a few years now, 50cycles is the main distributor there. Nycewheels together with Electric Vehicles Northwest are the US importers of the ezee bikes. I have been the unofficial new product tester for Nycewheels for the past year - a rough job but someone has to do it  ;-)

Bert has been talking about the eZee electric bikes for many months now and seemed very exited every time they came up – I knew it had to be something special.

Unfortunately I hit traffic on the way in from my Long Island and arrived only one hour before the electric Bike shop in NYC closes for the day. I will of course go back soon to spend a few hours on every single eZee bike.

Below are some quick notes about the four eZee bikes I rode for about 10-15 minutes each.

I will post a full review soon, I just need to get to the shop first thing in the morning and take each of the eZee bikes for a good one hour test drive.

Overall the eZee bikes are beautiful machines, top quality frames with high-end components and comfortable seats. All eZee bikes come with a choice of NiMH or Li-Ion batteries/chargers. The Battery cases are the same, so each bike can run on either one. All eZee bikes are suited for commuters and everyday use, they are equipped with lights, fenders and racks. I think they have bells and bike computers as well. The lighting system on some of them was powered by a generator and on others by the electric bikes power system, I don't have a preference there.

EZee Torq:
What a great electric bike. The Torq ezeebike is super light and feels like a non powered road bike. The Torq has a smaller 250 watt front hub motor with amazing pull, it just keeps building up speed – the eZee TorQ very smoothly goes to what seems to be past 20 mph. It feels like a very efficient setup that probably runs for many miles per charge. (unlike those older, heavy EV Global eBikes)

The eZee TorQ is the bike riders electric bike, a throttled bike unlike the pedal activated Giant Lite but almost as light and smooth.

EZee Sprint:
The second eZee bike I took around the block was the eZee Sprint. This electric bike also has a front hub motor but a bit more powerful than the eZee Torq. It rides very well and is super easy to use. It has one of those 7 speed internal hubs which you can shift without pedaling, this comes in handy when driving in NYC traffic. You can down shift to first gear if you get forced to stop short, on a derailour bike you have to take off in high gear - no fun at all. The bike has a smooth front suspension and handles well on rough roads and feels very save and stable. The step through frame is great for stop and go traffic and city riding. If you’re looking for a bike that does it all – this is it.

EZee Cadence:
The Luxury Cruiser of the line of eZee bikes. The Cadence uses a triple-crown-fork for a Cadillac like ride. The electric motor and battery system is the same is the Sprint and provides plenty of pull. The eZee Cadence even has a lighting system that runs of the main battery rather than a Dynamo. The Cadence is a muscle Cruiser that replaces the retired Wavecrest electric powered Tidalforce iO-Cruiser.

EZee Quando:
What a surprise, the Quando looks like a standard little motorized fold-up bike, but boy does it move. The eZee Quando uses a similar hub motor as the Torq but in the rear instead of front. This little guy has amazing hill climbing ability and top speed. I am certain this electric folding bike will take the place of many scooters for it being light, fast and has 3 times the range of most electric scooters. Some people argue that it's the best folding bike out there because of its superb electric assistance. The Quando has to the perfect New York City commuter bike. Since it's a bike that folds it will be allowed to go on all trains and buses during rush hour as well. It may not fold as compactly as the Brompton folding bike, but it holds the honor of being the most compact electric folding bike on the market. The Quando is truly a portable bike.

Sorry about the brief reviews, I will try do a detailed one for each eZee bike once I get back to Bert’s shop. In the meantime, stop in yourself for a test ride, you will be amazed by the performance and looks of the new eZee bikes electric bikes at Nycewheels.

  • JoAnne

    I absolutely love my EZee Cadence cruiser. It truly is a luxurious ride and with paniers on both sides I have plenty of storage room for my daily commute back and forth to work. This is my first year with it and I saved about $300 on gas from May to October this year alone. Of course living in Canada does create some apprehension for me with respect to winter riding…I’m just not that brave. However come early spring, pretty much as soon as the snow stalls, I will back on the crusier. I never would have been able to ride my standard bike like this…way too many hills here. Hope it’s an early spring!

  • ebiker

    I got an eZeebike Sprint from Nycewheels, I just love it. It has been taking me to work for a bout 2 years now. I had a few small hiccups that Bert helped me fix over the phone. Everything has been great since. I highly recommend the eZee bike (and Bert)

  • http://none Rene S

    Spring almost here ( 7 March 2010). Time to take the Quando out of the closet, charge the battery, oil chain, check tire and go to work @ Uottawa. Capital of Canada, near perfect place to ride. One minor glitch, brake diagnostic keeps the red LED flashing. Unable to reset, probably not serious since all works fine and no issues with braking, excellent brakes. Keep the bike locked when parked, many eyes watching…

  • http://kidsonroll.com/ John Greer

    I’ve had this bike for about a month and like it. This electric bicycle is really Good Looking bike for the right price. I’m sure to ride and enjoy for several times & would probably buy another one.

  • http://www.britishgasenergysmart.com John Sueshi

    After asking for other commuters on their opinion on what kind of bike i should be taking with me to work that should be light, easy to carry, bit of motor on side to give me a push when i am tired and easy to park, most of them said go for ezee electric bicycle! However I was put off the word ‘electric’ as I believed it would be an expensive bike and indeed they are after I googled them and the forza model cost around £1330. However I had to be economical since the work is 4 miles away from my house, if I had a car, it would cost me £5000 a year for insurance, fuel, road tax and servicing. So I thought to myself £1330 is not bad, its worth a try, before I went to purchase them, I went onto ebay to try my luck and immediately bought it from there at cost of £900 for a SECOND HAND!!
    It was the best decision I ever made as it!! It helped me beat the traffic and reached work and home on time during the rush hours, I am more fitter and more happier! Where as before I would be rushing looking for my car key, worrying over the traffic, consuming time looking to park my car and importantly worrying over the cost of maintenance of the car. Now its like a mortgage free for me, no paperwork and no hassle of having to phone for breakdown service or paying for expensive petrol which is getting more and more expensive than ever before! The only downside is the constant need for charging the bike but then again it is maybe due to the fact that I always use them as well as letting my son to use them too. Ezee bike rocks!!

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  • http://www.sixthreezero.com Cruiser Bicycle

    I bough an eZee Bike 6 months back. I found it stylish, comfortable and at affordable price.

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  • elly@kidselectricscooters

    I love folding bikes. They are extremely usueful. You can use them everyday, or just keep one in your car bonnet and use it for an emergency or to avoid delays due to a traffic jam! I think the EZee Quando is great!

  • http://www.bicycleseatsformen.org Conan Hatch

    I wish we had an agent for the Ezee bikes in Fiji where I have my official residence! Sounds like a great machine. I think we should have more available worldwide to help with fossil fuel issues, etc. 1330.00 pounds is about $4000.00 of our local currency which is not too bad.

  • http://www.cyclezee.com John Douglas

    I have been riding eZee bikes for 4 years and have tried and owned several other brands.
    My passion for eZee bikes has now turned into a business and I will soon be a supplier of eZee ellectric bike conversion kits and accesories in the UK.
    I have chosen to supply eZee kits because of their reputation for quality, performance, reliability and value for money.
    There is an eZee kit to suit virtually every type of bicycle, front or rear hub motors with a range of power options, pedelec and or e-bike modes, a choice of Lithium Polymer and Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries with varying capacities.

  • http://www.bestelectricscootersforkids.com Electric scooters for kids

    Ezee are great machines. electric scooters are the way forward i think and are becoming more popular

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  • http://www.besttouringbike.com/ Jack

    Awesome blog. I just wanted to say thank you for your work!

  • http://vaudevisuals.com Jim Moore

    Where can I buy a replacement battery for the ezQuando bike? I would prefer not to spend $500. Any suggestions? Thanks!