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Electric bike kits are comprised of an electric bike motor, a battery pack, throttle, and charger.  The electric bike motor kit should (and most do) include everything you need when you want a conversion kit for electric bike.

It is a good idea to make sure that the electric bike motor kit you are buying does include everything you will need to convert your bike to an electric bike.  If the retailer does not indicate that the electric bike kit includes everything you need than you may want to ask the question before buying.

An electric bike motor kit is a great investment if you already have a quality bike that you are comfortable with and is compatible for an electric bike motor kit.

This is when it becomes really important to choose your retailer carefully.  The reality is that some online retailers are just looking to make a profit and will sell an electric bike kit to anyone that wants one, whether or not it will work with their specific bike.

A reputable retailer will make sure your bike is compatible first or they will advise you before you buy your electric bike kit.

The electric bike motor and the full electric bike kit can also give you the best of both worlds when it is combined with a folding bike.  A folding bike is a great way to minimize the storage space needed while maximizing your ability to obtain all the benefits of a great bike.

Some retailers offer folding bikes that are already electrified – the retailer adds the electric bike conversion kit to the bike for you.  Finding a retailer that can do this is great because then you can be assured that your electric bike conversion kit is installed properly and will operate when you receive it.

Though it is relatively easy to install an electric bike motor kit on your bike, if you have the ability to hire a retailer to do it for you than you are better off.  For those that cannot, you can probably install your electric motor bike quickly and easily.

BionX electric bike kit

BionX electric bike kit

Again, the most important thing to remember if you are considering buying an electric bike kit is to make sure your motorized bike kit includes everything you need to convert your bike to an electric bike – and, of course, that your bike can be converted with an electric bike kit.

More and more retailers offer custom made electric bike kits.  If you are considering buying a custom electric bike conversion kit you again want to make sure that you are buying from a reputable retailer.  We found a great electric bike motor kit at a shop in New York City called NYCewheels.  Click here for details on the  BionX electric bike kit.

  • josh_ulin

    I have been riding my BionX electric bike kit to and from work for 4 years now. Trouble-free, light and fast; highly recommended. I had one of those cheap Chinese motor kits but even at $300 it was a total waste of money. Don’t make the same mistake – save yourself headaches and purchase a good quality system.
    My BionX had a 2 year warranty (I think 1 year on the battery but mine is still good after all those years)

    keep on truck’n, Josh

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  • http://www.centralcontracts.co.uk Volkswagen Vicky

    How much would this cost? I would definitely need a warranty taken out if I got one though, just for peace of mind.

    • http://www.bionxbikemotor.com/ josh_ulin

      I believe they all come with a 2 year warranty as it is standard in Canada – where the BionX is made.

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