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E-Brompton Banter-Part 4-Abb-E Road

The E-Brompton and Turbo

The E-Brompton and Turbo on the car-empty streets of LA during CicLAviaBrompton Banter Part 4 Abb-E Road, By Turbo Bob

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Part of the fun writing these articles for NYCeWheels comes from choosing the titles of the posts. Seeing that this great folding Brompton is hand-made in England, and considering all the roads I have been riding it on, the title wrote itself. Of course this is the E-Brompton, converted to electric-assist in New York, but the Beatles played in New York, right? Thanks Ed.

"I saw a Brompton Bike Oh boy"

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not comparing myself to the Beatles, but this great bike might make the grade. It is a world-wide sensation and holds top interest for many enthusiasts. It strums a chord with Brompton lovers that rings true. Then add the electric power to round-out its versatility and you have a number one chart topper. Sometimes, the attention I get when riding this bike makes me feel like a rock star.

Keep your E-Bromtpon by your side.

Even without the prying eyes that seem to notice this bike, I just love the feeling it gives me on a personal level. It rides so nice and the power to tackle the grades easily brings a smile to my face. The inner satisfaction of a folding E-bike is a great boon on the harsh streets I sometimes ride. It soaks up the pavement and gets me down the road in style and comfort. And the ease of keeping it by my side gives a feeling of security that I don’t always get with my other bikes.

Fold your Brompton up and head on out

Lots of my rides are near the house and consist of errands and visits. Many more are accessed with a car ride to cool places. After a quick fold the Brompton is loaded up and we are on our way. Upon arrival, a few seconds turns the small package into a full-sized bike and the ride begins. And what a ride it is. With three-speeds, the Brompton can handle most areas I ride in with no problem. But, if the going gets tough, I just toggle the thumb throttle, and the power of the 250 watt hub motor pulls me up and over any grade in the road.

The long and winding road, on your Brompton

What a great feeling it is to know that this E-bike can take me to places known and unknown. It is like a one-man tour bus. It has a spot for all my gear and between the power in my legs and the power of the electric motor, we can work our way into the neatest of locales. With the near silent operation of the direct-drive motor, I am sometimes unnoticed as I zip through city streets and quiet neighborhoods, something the Fab Four could appreciate.

To say I am loving my time with this gem would be an understatement. It fits so many of my cycling needs. It kind of lingers in the corner of the house until it comes to my side. Then, like two guitars in sync, we bond time and time again. I feel this way about some of my other bikes, but not nearly as on the level of this E-Brompton. It has that something special that you only get from a best friend.
The quality of this bike and E-conversion are also part of the package. It has a feel that you don’t get from other bikes. Tight, solid, and fast, it just all makes sense. There are no worries as you ride far from home. The confidence this brings to any ride will keep you in the saddle until supper is ready and waiting. I have even missed a meal or two because the fun kept flowing, just like the bike does as you ride new and exciting places. But when I’m ready, the E-Brompton will bring me back home happy and content, if not a tad hungry.

The E-Brompton- music to my ears

Like a favorite song, the tune of this bike keeps playing in your mind. Even folded and sitting waiting for the next ride, it brings good times to your memory. It is an art form unlike any other, as it plays on your inner needs for beauty and necessity. It brings to life many hidden desires that will keep your days and nights filled with happiness and music. The kind of music that can’t be muffled by traffic or congestion. An E-Brompton has the rhythm that so many long for.
I applaud this bike every day, Turbo Bob.

-TurboBob Bicycle Blog

“As a kid I had a dream---I wanted to own my own bicycle. When I got the bike I must have been the happiest boy in Liverpool, maybe in the world. I lived for that bike. Most kids left their bikes in the backyard at night. Not me. I insisted on taking mine indoors and the first night I even kept it by my bed. Funny, although it was important to me then, I can’t remember what finally happened to it.”---John Lennon.